We are committed to helping individuals living with Mental Illness, HIV/AIDS and those who are homeless achieve stable community living and independence by providing:

-Housing that is safe and affordable.

-Services that facilitate growth and recovery.

-Relationships built on a foundation of caring and respect, and

-A sense of hope for the future


As an agency Mohawk Opportunities, Inc. strives to provide individuals living with Mental Illness, HIV/AIDS and Homelessness the support they need to live stable meaningful lives. Our services include a wide array of supported housing options, skills training in such areas as symptom management, medication management, daily living/self care tasks and socialization, advocacy and assistance in obtaining needed benefits and services, supportive connections during times of need and flexible, community/home based clinical treatment
DH Client

All services are individualized according to the specific needs of the client and are designed to promote growth and recovery.

The cornerstone of all services offered by Mohawk Opportunities has been, and always will be, a relationship built on a foundation of caring, respect and a sense of hope for the future!

What our clients say about us…

“I feel safe here and I feel the staff cares about me and my needs.”

“I’m very happy with this program.  I have a nice place to live and I have my son back in my life.”

“This program has been very helpful to me in learning independence and becoming more stable and secure.”

“I enjoy this fine apartment…it is comfortable.  I am always making plans for progress.”

“I like having the support that I get from this program.”

“I am very grateful for this program because it gives me strong hope of getting better.”