At Mohawk Opportunities, we believe that #EveryoneDeserves access to mental health services.

Our mission and strategic priorities work to ensure that quality mental health services are provided each and every day to persons living with mental illness.

As we work to educate the community on issues surrounding mental health and address the stigma and misperceptions regarding mental illness, we hope that you will join us to invest in the programs and services of Mohawk Opportunities that serve more than 500+ individuals and families.

Throughout the month, and especially on November 28th, Giving Tuesday, we can collectively support individuals living with mental illness because #EveryoneDeserves quality services to support them on their journey to wellness.

Donate Online to Support Access to Mental Health Services #EveryoneDeserves

Join Mohawk Opportunities in spreading the message that #EveryoneDeserves access to mental health services!

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Download and print our campaign certificate.

2.Complete the gap to share what you think #EveryoneDeserves regarding mental health services.

3. Snap a photo and upload it to your social media using #EveryoneDeserves to share this message with your connections.

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